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w/ Traktor DJ 2 Software

Designed for iPad

Also works with Mac or Windows

iDJ101 is a self-paced video curriculum designed to teach students the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics of DJing. The curriculum is designed for use with iPad but can also be used with Windows and Mac computers. The curriculum comes with library of DJ ready music called “DJ Edits” that allow the student to follow along with the curriculum and also practice on their own. The curriculum also teaches students how to get additional music to use with the software. 

The iDJ101 curriculum takes students through a brief history of DJing, covering skills and equipment used by the top performers in the world both past and present. Then we dive deep into the technology and engineering of the amazing Traktor DJ 2 software. After familiarizing students with the controls and GUI of the software we start teaching the basic fundamentals of DJing including topics phrasing, layering and blending. 

After students have mastered these basic skills, we prepare them to perform in front of a crowd. Topics such as event programming, music programming, workflow, stage presence and requests are covered with the intention of preparing students to perform at youth social events such as school dances & birthday parties. Students are shown how to acquire additional “DJ Edit” music for their performances and how to organize that music so they can have the best possible performance.

There is an extra curricular section at the end with lots of cool additional components like harmonic mixing, recording, using effects and mixing tricks.

School Of Beats strives to bring its students music education within a format that is current, hip and cool. We use music that kids know and love to increase engagement and get them excited about music education. The performance component develops self-confidence and provides a social outlet for kids to collaborate on performances and mashup projects. 

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iDJ101 - Learn To DJ on iPad

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